Vista Grande Interior Graphics

Vista Grande, a $38 million, three-story dining facility opened in 2020 and presented a blank slate to help extend the Cal Poly brand. Standing prominently on a main campus thoroughfare the building welcomes students, staff, faculty and other visitors to Cal Poly. The facility features six restaurants offering various culinary experiences and was designed to create community and connection with ample seating areas inside and out.

The Cal Poly Corporation Marcom team collaborated with Campus Dining and an interior design firm to identify the building’s numerous branding opportunities. Then we went to work developing an interior graphic design package that included various elements and materials that worked together to create a cohesive and visually appealing environment. The underlying visual strategy was to celebrate the Cal Poly student experience and the Central Coast lifestyle. Ultimately, the interior graphics needed to live up to the building’s name, Vista Grande.


Cal Poly Campus Dining


NACUFS Silver Award

Team Credits

Andrea Burns, Associate Executive Director, Cal Poly Corporation

Jess Dozier, Cal Poly Campus Dining Director

Greg Yeo, Cal Poly Campus Dining Associate Director

Ellen Curtis, Associate Executive Director Marketing and Communication

Veronica Sanders, Senior Graphic Designer