Business & Finance

A student with cows

Taking stock of the livestock. Every year members of the Business and Finance team head out into the field, literally, to take a count of Cal Poly’s livestock. The 2017 total: 1,056.

Our Role at Cal Poly

Business and Finance provides professional financial services and programs in support of the corporation and the university community. Not only does Business and Finance run the P-Card program and track employee payroll and operational expenses, it also assists with the management of gifts to the university and supports student enterprises, such as Cal Poly chocolate and wine. It comprises seven financial departments, including Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Business Services, Campus Programs, General Accounting and Travel. Each department provides current and accurate financial information through a diverse range of services to help ensure compliance with all applicable federal and state statutes.

Services Overview

Business and Finance provides support with account information and reports. Have a question about what forms are needed, where to find them and what expenses are allowable? We can answer that.

P-Card »

The P-Card program makes it easy for corporation employees to purchase needed materials and supplies and pay for allowed travel expenses with the use of an issued credit card.

Travel »

The Travel Department is available when you are getting ready to head out on a work trip or if you just returned from one. Have questions about what to do with your receipts? Look no further.

Campus Programs »

Campus Programs supports many university programs, assisting colleges and departments with income and donation management.

General Accounting »

General Accounting is responsible for all corporation accounting activities, from keeping count of the university’s livestock to coordinating the budget process.

Payroll »

The Payroll Department is dedicated to the prompt and accurate delivery of payroll checks to all corporation employees.

Purchasing »

Purchasing something on the behalf of the corporation is slightly more complicated than buying something for yourself. It’s important to understand the process.

Financial Services »

Financial Services manages all corporation investment assets, and coordinates and assists with all banking services.

Accounts Payable »

Accounts Payable provides timely and accurate payments to corporation, ASI and student club vendors.

Accounts Receivable »

Accounts Receivable provides billing services and account monitoring to various campus enterprises, ASI and Sponsored Programs.

(805) 756-1451

Building 15

1 Grand Ave.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407


10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Cashier’s Office
10 a.m. – 1 p.m., 2 – 4 p.m.

Business & Finance Staff

The people who can get you paid and answer your accounting and financial questions.

Dan Banfield

Chief Financial Officer
(805) 756-7335
Email Dan

Matt Ryan

(805) 756-6487
Email Matt

Joe Alves

Treasury and Risk Manager
(805) 756-7352
Email Joe

Natalia Kaliski Draude

General Ledger Manager and Tax Specialist
(805) 756-1350
Email Natalia

Van McCarty

Accounts Payable Supervisor
(805) 756-2218
Email Van

Maria Lopez-Pacheco

Payroll Manager
(805) 756-1125
Email Maria

Merrie Kay Reis-Sterkel

Lead Cashier
(805) 756-2849
Email Merrie Kay

Rose Avalos

Payroll Clerk II
(805) 756-6645
Email Rose

Ann Ormonde

Account Clerk I, Accounts Receivable
(805) 756-1454
Email Ann

Linda Prier

Accounting Specialist; Agriculture Commercial Operations
(805) 756-2224
Email Linda

Marie Fidel

Accounting Specialist; Fixed Assets
(805) 756-2423
Email Marie

Brian Fein

Accounting Specialist; Campus Programs
(805) 756-1419
Email Brian

Melissa Fritzen

Accounting Analyst; Banking
(805) 756-1136
Email Melissa

Maggie Cital-Randall

Account Clerk I, Accounts Payable
(805) 756-2817
Email Maggie