Campus Programs


Campus Programs assists departments and colleges with the management of income and donations in support of university programs. Accounts managed by Campus Programs include: Professional Development/Research Support Accounts, Departmental Discretionary Accounts, Fundraising/Special Activity Accounts, and Aid to Instruction.


  1. Establish new accounts to hold IDC (Indirect Cost Distribution) funds and fundraising / special activity income
  2. Ensure funds are being spent according to the intended purpose of the account disbursements, and are in line with corporation policy
  3. Provide training and resources to the campus community regarding corporation policies, procedures and account reporting
  4. Reconcile and manage accounts

Our Accounts

Professional Development/Research Support Accounts

These accounts provide faculty and staff the opportunity to further their career and area of study in order to learn and increase skill sets for career advancement as well as fund future research projects.

Departmental Discretionary Accounts

Departmental discretionary accounts are generally funded by retained earnings from the corporation’s commercial services operations and are used to provide support for various departments across campus.

Fundraising / Special Activity Accounts

Fundraising/Special Activity accounts are held by departments for the purpose of raising funds to support the department or the university. Activities in these accounts include a range of activities in support of the operation of the campus and to complement the university experience not only for students, but also for faculty, staff, alumni and surrounding communities. These activities may be supported by ticket sales, registration fees, etc. These accounts may also accept gifts to the corporation that benefit the department or the university. These activities will be assessed for facility use according to the Facilities License Agreement between the corporation and the university.

Aid to Instruction

Formal instruction is occasionally supplemented to ensure students receive a quality educational experience. Additional services, activities and laboratory experiences may be needed to add to the instructional offerings. These services may include competitions, sale and licensing of student-produced materials, student projects, and other instruction-related events and products. Conducting those activities may create goods and services that may be sold to students, staff and the general public. Examples of incidental revenues include sales of scientific and literary publications, charges for technical services and sales of products of agricultural divisions.


Other activities and programs reviewed by the university Chief Financial Officer may be assigned to the corporation on a case-by-case basis. These activities will support the mission of the university as stated in the Campus Program Account Agreement and will reimburse the university for the use of facilities or other state resources.


Campus Programs

Campus Programs New Account Agreement

This agreement is used to authorize the establishment of a project for programs and activities and other non‐grant/contract funds.
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Campus Programs Account Definitions

Account definitions for Campus Programs.
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