General Accounting

Putting best practices to work

The General Accounting department provides current and accurate financial information and a diverse range of accounting services to corporation customers while complying with all applicable federal and state statutes. We are responsible for fiscal closing and producing timely and accurate financial reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.


  1. Maintaining the integrity of the financial software including functional security
  2. Preparing and distributing accurate financial reports
  3. Coordinating the budget process
  4. Maintaining all accounting for corporation-fixed asset and livestock inventories
  5. Providing accounting services to auxiliary and agency activities
  6. Entering requisitions and distributing purchase orders
  7. Distributing Accounts Payable disbursement checks
  8. Electronic filing of the monthly Sales & Use tax prepayment to the Board of Equalization
  9. Electronic filing of the quarterly Sales & Use tax report to the Board of Equalization


General Accounting

Cell Phone Consideration Request Form

Managers use this form to determine if an employee needs to have use of a cell phone in order to perform the duties of their position.
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Cell Phone Allowance Form

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