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Human Resources employees

With nearly 3,000 employees spread throughout diverse roles on campus, the corporation supports nearly every aspect of academic life. Corporation employees help ensure that research projects are funded, the campus is fed, students gain vital work experience and the university continues to grow academically.

Our Role at Cal Poly

Cal Poly Corporation Human Resources supports approximately 250 full-time, 400 intermittent and 2,000 part-time student employees who show up every day to serve the campus community and help the corporation support the educational mission of the university. Offering the entire slate of HR services, from talent acquisition and employee training to performance management and employee relations, the Human Resources staff is here to help all corporation employees. The HR staff helps ensure that every employee receives the support needed to enhance their time at work, further their careers with the corporation, and in turn, make Cal Poly the amazing educational experience that it is.

Services Overview

Cal Poly Corporation offers a comprehensive benefit program for its regular, benefited employees and their dependents. This includes medical, dental, vision and life insurance coverage. For more details see Employee Benefits.

Employee Benefits »

Everything from your paid time off to medical coverage is available to research and fully understand.

Safety »

HR’s goal is to maintain a safe, hazard-free environment.

Employee Training & Development »

The corporation offers classes, trainings and an educational fee reimbursement program to ensure all employees succeed and grow.

Flexible Work Policy »

The corporation supports flex work in positions where appropriate and beneficial to the Corporation and the employee.

Onboarding »

For every new hire, there is an onboarding checklist that needs to be followed and completed. Get your onboarding forms and documents here.

Recruitment &Talent Aquisition »

These guidelines will help you throughout the entire hiring and recruiting process.

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Building 15

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10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Our Staff

The people who can help with everything from onboarding to retirement.

Tiffany Kramlich

Human Resources Director
(805) 756-1440
Email Tiffany

Jennifer Luedtke

Assistant Director, Human Resources
HR Operations
HR Information Systems
(805) 756-6446
Email Jennifer

Jill Connelly

Human Resources Manager
Benefits & Compensation, Health Insurance, CalPERS Retirement, Worker’s Compensation 
(805) 756-5580
Email Jill

Lauri Shiffrar

Human Resources Manager
Performance Management, Training and Development, Employee Relations
(805) 756-6443
Email Lauri

Juan Sanabria

Staffing Specialist
Talent Acquisition, Recruiting Coordination, and Affirmative Action
(805) 756-1121
Email Juan

Cory Lund

Human Resources Coordinator
Office Operations, Student Hiring, Customer Service
(805) 756-1122
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