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*The Cal Poly Campus will be closed from 12/25/20 through 1/1/21.  On December 31, CPC Benefited employees will need to allocate Vacation, CTO (Comp Time), or PH (Personal Holiday) hours, if available. Employees may only allocate hours to “Leave without Pay” if all paid leave (Vacation, CTO, PH) has been exhausted.

All supervisors should be aware of and sensitive to the religious holiday obligations of our employees.  Appropriate accommodations should be made to ensure to the fullest extent possible that employees have opportunities to express and exercise their religious beliefs.  It is our hope that the 2020 holiday schedule, which combines a number of holidays with weekends, will increase the safety of those traveling and give an extra measure of recreation and relaxation throughout our busy year.

For more information, see our full list of holidays.


Dec 31 2020


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