Fall WOrk Plan

This fall as students, faculty and essential staff return to campus for a hybrid start to the academic year they do so with specific procedures that have been put into place to support the university while ensuring the health and safety of our workforce. Staff who are approved to return to campus must adhere to all health and safety guidelines including the required use of PPE and physical distancing standards. If you feel the need to return to campus, talk with your supervisor. For staff who can effectively work remotely, you are asked to continue to do so until restrictions are lifted. We ask for your understanding as we all work through this time together.


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve at a rapid pace, as do related best practices, legislative and regulatory requirements, federal, state, and local guidance, and the latest science on transmission, testing and immunity. This plan provides general information available at the time of drafting and will be diligently updated it as the landscape changes and evolves. Given the pace of developments, however, this plan may contain information that is no longer applicable.

The Cal Poly Corporation oversees many business entities across the Cal Poly campus. The following return to work plan primarily covers core operations of the Corporation. Areas in agriculture, food production, research and many others may have industry specific guidelines that must be followed. Please refer to state and local guidelines for your specific areas. Additionally, Campus Dining has a separate return to work plan documenting physical distancing and enhanced sanitation protocols by venue.

Guiding Principles

The Corporation aligns with all Cal Poly policies and protocols for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.  These guidelines are rooted in the State of California’s Roadmap to Resilience, and in maintaining the safety of our staff, students and campus community. In collaboration with the CSU Chancellor’s Office, state and county health officials, and campus leadership, the following plan provides for a targeted return of employees to campus to support critical campus operations, research and student success while prioritizing the health and safety of the Cal Poly community.

Staff who are not explicitly approved to return to work, should continue to telework. Management will assess what Corporation services need to continue with an on-campus presence. Employees will receive direction from their supervisors if they are approved to come to campus in order to work. Employees who are working from home should continue to do so. California Gov. Gavin Newsom has advised anyone who has an underlying health issue identified by the CDC as being more vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, to remain at home; the Corporation intends to continue to support this goal.

Prior to Returning to Campus

Workspace Assessment and Modifications

Working with the Corporation Facilities team, supervisors will ensure that all workspaces are modified to allow for physical distancing including relocating desk areas, creating designated traffic patterns and workflow modifications, and adding plexiglass barriers if needed.

Proper signage will be placed in high traffic areas including breakrooms, copy machine areas, etc.

Scheduling Employees

Cal Poly and the Corporation will assess any expanded staffing based on mission-critical operations, ability to control and manage specific work environments through physical distancing and PPE, and necessity for on-site resources. The need to continue to reduce the number of people on campus (de-densify) to meet physical distancing requirements will continue for the foreseeable future.  Employees who can continue to effectively work remotely will continue to do so until restrictions are eased.

If an employee feels the need to return to campus, they must talk with their supervisor.

Following the Return to Campus

Employee Communication

In order to ensure all employees have the same information regarding the Corporation’s response to COVID-19, directors, managers, Human Resources, and supervisors will hold team meetings via Zoom prior to any on-site work. During these meetings, the team will review the Corporation Employee Communication Power Point then participate in a question and answer session.

Orientation Refresh

Learning Hub training modules will be assigned to ensure employees have all information they may have missed during the furlough or remote work arrangements.

Employee Health Screening/Temperature Check Procedures

The Corporation will conduct daily employee health screenings prior to allowing any employee to work on-site. These screenings will include a daily health questionnaire.

Employees will be compensated for any time spent on health screening/temperature checks; non-exempt employees should be clocked in prior to this process or supervisors should correct punches to account for time spent in screening.

If an employee fails the health screening and is sent home they will be compensated for any time worked prior to being sent home, and no less than 2 hours.

Employee Infection Control

Supervisors will train all employees on the proper use of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for their position and how to use it, physical distancing standards, use of common spaces as well as the consequences of non-compliance.

Employees will be provided with copies of the Personal Safety Practices, and the Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols.

Employee Safety Training

Upon returning to campus all employees will receive training on worksite specific plans for each area of work – including traffic flow, physical distancing, proper hygiene, face coverings, etc.

They will be given additional information on how to prevent spreading of COVID-19, procedures for self-screening at home and important government sponsored leave programs.

All Corporation employees will be assigned required Learning Hub Training titled COVID-19 Information for the Workplace. Campus Dining employees will have training specific to food handling. Sponsored Programs, Research and CAFES will provide area specific training.

COVID-19 Ongoing Testing

All Campus Dining full-time employees have been deemed critical staff members and are required to take part in the ongoing testing program which includes being tested twice during fall quarter. The second round of free testing will be offered Saturday, Oct. 24, through Wednesday, Oct. 28. Employees are required to make an appointment for testing. Staff must work with their direct supervisor to ensure venue coverage during their appointment. Staff will be notified of their testing dates and schedules via email and through daily team meetings.