IT Services

Cal Poly Corporation IT provides a wide range of PC tech support services. If you’re having issues installing a program or have accidently erased an important document, the IT support team can assist. Listed below are a just some of the ways IT can help. To request IT support, access the Technical Service Request System by logging on to the Cal Poly Portal and click on the Technical Service Request link in the main sidebar.

New Hire Set-Up

Making a good first impression is priceless. IT can make sure that new employees are set up with the proper tools to get them up and running quickly. From computers to software packages, IT is here to help.

Current Employee Changes

If you have a student or intermittent employee that is changing positions or leaving, please contact the IT department to assist with the transition.

Workstation Support

Looking for product recommendations, or need some help troubleshooting, installing or general maintenance?

Equipment Rental

Employees have access to laptops, projectors, screens and more for CPC business-related use.

Network Support

Everyone is connected. System checks and processes are in place to make sure that all data communications equipment, servers, printers, share drives, and computers are working.

Software & Hardware Installation

IT can set up all new software and hardware, such as a new program, keyboard, or mouse. IT can also help employees select the right products and programs for their needs.

Application Development

IT is responsible for supporting all of the corporation back-end business systems, such as applying patches, performing nightly backups, installing upgrades, and more. We respond directly to customer requests and can assist with individual tasks, reports and processes as wells as evaluate new software.

Technical Consultations

If employees are working on a new project with a technology component, the IT department is capable of providing consultations as well as planning and implementation recommendations.

IT Forms and Documents

Information Technology

IT Training

Request for BOE Access for Another User (SP keys)

Size: 59.65 kb
Hits: 218
Date modified: 01 - 19 - 2021

Request for BOE Access for Another User (CPC keys)

Size: 59.62 kb
Hits: 279
Date modified: 01 - 19 - 2021

Request for BOE Access (SP Keys)

Size: 59.59 kb
Hits: 228
Date modified: 01 - 19 - 2021

Request for BOE Access (CPC Keys)

Size: 59.60 kb
Hits: 243
Date modified: 01 - 19 - 2021

ONE Solution Users Guide

Information and instructions on using OneSolution systems.
Size: 895.75 kb
Hits: 2215
Date modified: 03 - 19 - 2019

ONE Solution Access Request

The form is used for requesting access to ONESolution.
Size: 71.11 kb
Hits: 775
Date modified: 05 - 25 - 2018

Introduction to SRS

Instructions on how request service from IT through the Cal Poly Portal.
Size: 603.05 kb
Hits: 1236
Date modified: 05 - 25 - 2018

CPC Reports User Guide

A user guide for CPC Reports
Size: 167.58 kb
Hits: 1974
Date modified: 06 - 14 - 2018

CPC New Account Request Form

This form is used to request a CPC Windows login.
Size: 36.51 kb
Hits: 1481
Date modified: 08 - 03 - 2018

CPC Identity Finder User Guide

Information about Identity Finder software programs utilized by Cal Poly Corporation and how to use them.
Size: 628.87 kb
Hits: 810
Date modified: 08 - 29 - 2018

BOE Information and Quick Start Guide

A quick start guide to running reports in BOE Infoview.
Size: 584.94 kb
Hits: 2919
Date modified: 01 - 19 - 2021