Check Request Form Instructions

Where to send your Check Request Form

Once completed, please forward the check request form to the appropriate Corporation contact for approval:

org keys 45000-59999 and 82000-82990 (exception of 82890).
Information packets, policies – org keys 82890 and 83000-88999.
All other org key ranges forward to the Corporation Business Office.

Step by Step Instructions

Please keep a copy of the check request for your records.

  1. Enter current date.
  2. Pay To: Complete Name
  3. If payment is for services rendered or for an award, a taxpayer id or social security number must be included for 1099 reporting purposes.
  4. Fill in complete address of payee.
  5. Fill in CP email address of payee
  6. Vendor number, when applicable.
  7. Mark (this is in relation with the Pay To) CSU Student, CPC Employee, CSU or State Agency Retiree/Date Retired, Company Owned in whole or part by CSU or State Agency Employee or Relative, CSU or State Agency Employee or None of the Options.
  8. Advance Requested: payment is made in advance prior to merchandise or service being received.
  9. Indicate when advance will clear. You will receive notification when the advance has been issued and asked to notify the Business Office when your advance has cleared.
  10. Description: paying for
    – Payment is for an invoice, other than advance: original invoice must be attached to the check request form when submitted for payment. Refer to the Check Request Quick Reference for further information.
    – Supplies, materials, dues, fees, memberships; subscriptions, etc: attach original invoice(s) and packing slip(s), if applicable, to the back of the check request. List invoices and dates separately.
    – Reimbursements: attach original invoice(s)/receipts to the back of the check request. List invoices and dates separately.
    – Hosting or “business related meals”: indicate the purpose and the group or persons being hosted.
    – Gas receipts only: can be reimbursed ONLY if there are no other related expenses involved. On the receipt write: “Destination _____________, Purpose _____________” and “No other travel related expenses for this trip per _____________”
    – Equipment: Indicate building and room number where item(s) will be located if charging equipment object code 151800 or 824300.
    – Faxed Invoices: if a faxed invoice is the only copy a vendor will supply, then a notation to that must be included on the invoice submitted for payment, signed and dated by the submitting party.
    – Web Purchase: attach to the check request: item description and prices, confirmation showing method of payment, original packing slip(s).
  11. Indicate amount being paid
  12. Indicate org key to charge.
  13. Indicate object code to charge.
  14. Specific date check is needed by (check will print on date indicated). ASAP or next run may not be soon enough if your check request has been held up somewhere in the process. Remember – it takes 3 working days to process a check request once it gets to the CPC Business Office; so be sure to allow enough time!
  15. Name of person who has requested the check.
  16. Phone number
  17. E-mail address of the requestor.
  18. Signature of person having authority to sign for the key indicated on line above. If the request for check is a reimbursement to the manager of the org key, their supervisor must sign the check request.
  19. Printed Name/Title
  20. Indicate manner in which check should be disbursed.
  21. MAIL: to address shown
  22. Other: If address is different than address listed above.
  23. Check is to be picked up by employee or student.
  24. Phone number of contact person.
  25. E-mail the contact person when check is ready for pickup.