Check Request Quick Reference

In cases where a requisition cannot be submitted for purchasing, a check request can be used. Check requests follow the same purchasing policy and guidelines as requisitions. Please refer to the purchasing policy.

Documentation Required

  • Original Receipts
  • Emailed Invoices
    • Email from vendor stating invoice attached or some sort of documentation from vendor that no other invoice is mailed
    • Printed out invoices
    • Original packing slip(s)
  • Faxed Invoices
    • If a faxed invoice is the only copy a vender will supply, then a notation to that must be included on the invoice submitted for payment, signed and dated by the submitting party
    • Original packing slip(s)
  • Web Purchases
    • Item description and prices
    • Confirmation showing method of payment
    • Original packing slip(s)

Advanced Payments

  • For Merchandise
    Must include documentation supporting pricing of items. Upon receipts of merchandise, packing slips or other verification of receipt are to be signed as received and submitted to CPC Business Office with a copy of the check request so the prepayment can be cleared.
  • For Travel
    See Travel Quick Reference located at: Travel Guidelines


When payment is to:

  • Vendor: Corporation will review Signature Authorization Form for appropriate signatures
  • Reimbursements: Direct benefit reimbursements for purchases or where direct benefit is received must have the supervisor or next level sign for reimbursement. Lateral or subordinate approval is not allowed. Direct benefit reimbursements are such things as registrations, travel, memberships, subscriptions, etc.

Other Information

  • If applicable, sales tax will be accrued
  • If payment is to an Out of State vendor for service in California, Withholding at Source applies and will have 7% deducted according to the Franchise Tax Board. For additional information: Nonresident Withholding Remittance Statement
  • If payment is to Faculty/Staff/Student for service, it should be paid through payroll. Independent Contractor relationships must be pre-approved by Corporation Human Resources
  • All scholarship payments will be issued through CPSU – Check request should be made payable to CPSU with student information on the check request
  • Hosting reimbursements must include business purpose and attendees.
  • Any purchases of furniture must be ADA Compliant and approved by state facilities.
  • Any purchases relating to a state facility should have a building permit approved by state facilities. The Corporation will send a copy of the check request to facilities even if it is a small purchase like drapes or air conditioning
  • Accounting: Appropriate accounting should be noted on the check request. Please refer to the Common Object Code listing located at: ONESolution
  • Payments to CPSU must include the CPSU Account number in the vendor address
  • Payments to ASI must include the club number in the vendor address.
  • Checks issued to CPSU or ASI will be sent to the CPSU cashier or ASI business office per their instructions.
  • Campus Dining Policy for events – The University’s policy states “All Food and Beverage served on-campus must be provided through Campus Dining or Campus Catering (with any request made to Campus Catering) unless Campus Catering determines that it is unable to provide the requested service, thereby it may issue a written waiver.” For payments to outside vendors, please provide a copy of the waiver with the check request. See appendix Campus Dining Food policy
  • Trademarks and Licensing: Effective 12/01/2009 – any purchase using university trademarks or logos must be purchased from a vendor registered with Collegiate Licensing Company. A list of those vendors is at: Cal Poly Trademark Licensing. If the vendor is not listed, refer the individual(s) to Sasha Palazzo 6-7155.

What cannot be paid by check request?

  • Payment for services for CSU/CPC/Student Employees
  • Items not related to the mission of the University such as outside donations and political contributions
  • Purchases requiring a bidding process
  • Non-approved facility improvements
  • Non-approved furniture
  • Personal purchases