Employee Performance Evaluations

Cal Poly Corporation is rolling out a new performance evaluation process for employees to learn and grow and for managers to identify development opportunities to support their teams. In addition to employee development, this new process is a chance to recognize employee achievements from the past year and set goals for the upcoming one.

This evaluation process will create a foundation by helping employees stay aware of their goals for the year. It will also allow managers to work with their teams to determine career paths and establish and clarify expectations.

Evaluations will be performed and submitted by June 30 annually.

Why? And How Do the Evaluations Work? 

Employee evaluations are a formal assessment of performance as measured against predetermined responsibilities and goals. They are also an opportunity to recognize past performance as well as future development opportunities.

In the past, these evaluations have included a numerical system that tied your overall rating to a general salary increase. This is no longer the case. These performance evaluations are not tied to compensation.

This is how it works.

All benefited employees will be emailed a self-assessment via Adobe Sign. They will evaluate themselves based on “core competencies” that are chosen based on historical competencies, CSU competencies and further research. Once the employee completes the self-evaluation, it will be sent to their manager to complete. The manager will fill out the evaluation form and meet with the employee to discuss. At the conclusion of the meeting, they will both sign the performance evaluation, and it will be sent to CPC HR to file. People managers should also complete their own self-evaluation on the four leadership competencies.

Training on Performance Evaluation Process

Training materials for staff and supervisors on how to complete the evaluations, and what each of the core competencies means, are available below.

Staff will receive an email with their performance evaluation form.

Please feel free to reach out to your manager with any questions or contact CPC HR at [email protected] or (805) 756-1121.

Thank you for your hard work this year and dedication to this important process!