Federal Work-Study Procedures

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is an excellent opportunity for departments to hire students with a FWS award at only 25% of the cost of hiring a non-FWS student. FWS students are State employees, even if they work on a Cal Poly Corporation (CPC) account. Our CPC payroll office processes the timesheets, however the FWS students pick up their monthly paychecks in Administration Building 1, Room 211. To hire a FWS student, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Supervisor Lists the FWS Position on Handshake (Includes rehires)
    • Give the FWS position a working title and make sure the wage reflects the duties and responsibilities and is the same rate you would pay a non-FWS student. The hourly minimum wage is currently $11.00; the maximum hourly rate is $17.78.
    • Remember to deactivate your FWS job as soon as the position is filled or closed.
    • Students new to the program must attend one FWS workshop. They may contact the Financial Aid Office at [email protected] or call 62927 for further information.
  2. Student and Supervisor Complete the SERF Form
    • The student types his/her information on the Student Employment Request Form (SERF) (excel). It must be typed or else State Payroll will not accept the form. The supervisor types in the information under “For Office Use” up to “Authorized Signature”. Under Position Number the supervisor types either 2671 for CPC (ex. Campus Dining, University Store) or 2674 for a CPC Sponsored Project. If you are unsure, please call CPC HR for clarification.
    • Your org key, object code, and worker’s compensation code are also required for payroll processing. Please type this information beside your name as supervisor. See sample below.Supervisor*: (last name,first name) Smith,John 13325-804000 WC1006
  3. Student Submits Paperwork to CPC HR
    • The student makes an appointment with a Human Resources Specialist, Bldg. 15, Room 131 (call 756-6446 or email [email protected]) and brings in the original SERF form. She will enter the student’s information into the State payroll system while the student is waiting to be sure the FWS grant is approved.
  4. Student Submits SERF Form and I-9 to State Payroll, Building 1, Room 107
    • Student prints out the I-9 form and completes the top portion only. Note, the I-9 must always be completed by the employee on the first day of work and original, non-expired I-9 documents shown to State Payroll within three days of employment. The department supervisor may not complete the I-9 and the student may not send any paperwork via campus mail. The student will show an original driver’s license and original Social Security card (no copies accepted).
    • The student brings the proof of work study award, original SERF form, the blank I-9, his/her ORIGINAL Social Security card and driver’s license to State Payroll Services, Building 1, Room 107 to complete the hiring process. The student may also choose to have direct deposit by completing the Direct Deposit Form (pdf) and submitting it to State Payroll. This is an option for FWS students only.
  5. Student Enters Hours into the State Student Pay System
    • The student should be knowledgeable about the student pay system since he/she must have attended a FWS workshop. For any FWS questions, the FWS student should contact the Financial Aid Office at [email protected] or call 62927.
  6. Student Submits Timesheet to CPC Payroll, Building 15
    • As a general rule, timesheets are always due in CPC Payroll, Building 15, one day before the end of the current pay period. For payroll questions, please contact Nancy Reyes in CPC Payroll at 6-6645.
    • The student prints a copy of the timecard, gives it to the supervisor for review and signature. The ORG KEY-OBJECT code to be charged must be on the timesheet so it is clear where the hours are charged. The supervisor must print his/her name below the signature.
  7. If the timesheet is late, the supervisor must complete CPC Hire paperwork and pays 100%
    • FWS timesheets may not be submitted late! Any timecards turned in late to CPC Payroll will result in charging the department’s account 100% of the employee wages instead of the usual 25% charge. State Payroll will not accept late web signoff of timesheets. If the timesheet is submitted late, the student still needs to be paid, therefore he/she must be hired as a CPC employee and processed through CPC payroll. Since CPC is a separate employer, the following paperwork would be required: PIF, I-9, Application for Student/Intermittent Employment, and timesheet. Avoid late timecards!
    • Student Picks Up Paycheck in Student Accounts, Building 1, Room 211, or has Direct Deposit
    • Please remind the students that since they are State employees, they pick up their checks in Student Accounts, Building 1, Room 211 on a monthly basis.