For every new hire, there is an onboarding checklist that needs to be followed and completed. Check out the documents below and you will find a checklist of everything that needs to be addressed, from pay rates and meal breaks to fire extinguishers.

Forms and Documents


CPC New Account Request Form

This form is used to request a CPC Windows login.
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Date modified: 08 - 03 - 2018

Personnel Information Form

The is the form for new personnel information.
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Date modified: 05 - 21 - 2018

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Use this form to set up direct deposit of your paycheck into your bank account. Direct deposit is offered to all full-time benefited, student and intermittent employees. It is limited to one bank account at this time.
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Date modified: 05 - 25 - 2018

Property, Security, Privacy, Searches and Use Policy

All Cal Poly Corporation property must be maintained according to this policy.
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Date modified: 07 - 09 - 2018

New Student & Intermittent Hire Packet

Policies and onboarding instructions for all new student and intermittent employees
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Date modified: 05 - 21 - 2018

New Employee Orientation Dates for 2018

Dates for past and upcoming new employee orientation.
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Date modified: 08 - 02 - 2018

Supervisor Checklist for New Employees

A checklist to help supervisors bring on new employees.
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Date modified: 05 - 21 - 2018