Petty Cash Quick Reference


  • An original receipt for item(s) purchased MUST be presented to the receptionist in the Corporation Business Office. Receipt(s) must have the vendor’s company name, amount paid, and payment type (cash, VISA, Debit Card, etc.) printed on the receipt. If a web/fax receipt; refer to the check request quick reference for instruction.
  • Receipt(s) should be presented within 30 days of transaction date. Receipt over 30 days may require justification for late submittal.
  • Receipt(s) must have an authorized signature approval. Approver on account can sign up to $25.00 for themselves for non-hosting or hospitality expenses.
  • Receipts for hosting or “business related meals” must indicate the purpose and persons (or group) being hosted. A signer on the account, who attended, cannot approve reimbursement – must be approved one level up.
  • Receipt(s) must show org key and object code.
  • The receptionist will complete a petty cash form. The original receipt(s) will be stapled to the back of the form and given back to the customer for reimbursement at the Corporation cashiers.
  • Multiple receipts form: this form summarizes the total dollar amount and org key/obj code of multiple receipts and requires the authorized signature person to sign only for the total to be reimbursed. The petty cash form can be picked up at the reception desk or can be found on the Corporation web page under Forms and Procedures/Finance/CPC/CPF Petty Cash Form.
  • Petty cash reimbursement is limited to $100 a day per person. If the total of receipts is over $100, a check request must be submitted.


What can be reimbursed through petty cash?

A few common examples:

  • Printing – obj code 816013.
  • Postage – obj code 821000.
  • Supplies – obj code 824000.
  • Miscellaneous – obj code 860000.
  • Hosting – obj code 860017.

What cannot be reimbursed through petty cash?

A few common examples:

  • Equipment – obj code 151800 and 824300. Must submit a check request.
  • Services (labor, performance etc.) must submit a check request or applicable payroll paperwork (for 1099 or W2 purposes).
  • Annual, quarterly, or daily parking permits to employees (Sponsored Guests are allowed).
  • Travel related charges.
  • Receipt over $100. Must submit a check request.
  • Reimbursements to self unless you have signature authority, then you can sign up to $25.00 for non-hosting or hospitality expenses.