Recruitment Procedures for a Benefited Position

These recruitment procedures are for benefited positions only; non-benefited positions are recruited by the individual departments. Before recruiting for a benefited employee, it must be determined that there is funding for at least one year and must hold an FTE of at least 0.5 or greater. A fully-benefited position will add ~60 percent to the salary cost via the fringe benefit rate. Cal Poly Corporation does not sponsor work authorization/visas.

All regular-benefited positions are advertised and viewed online at Please read through these procedures carefully, prepare the documents requested, and submit them to the Cal Poly Corporation Human Resources. Funding for the position must be in a Cal Poly Corporation held account (not a Foundation account). If the position will be performing duties for State functions versus Cal Poly Corporation functions, then the position should be hired via the State. Cal Poly Corporation does not sponsor work authorization/visas.

Instructions for submitting recruitment paperwork to Human Resources

  1. Job Description
    a. New Position: Create Job Description and send to HR for Consultation review; mandatory fee $200/hr (Creating a job description – Template/Job Description Template)
    b. Update Job Description if necessary (Request from HR dept. If you don’t have current version)
  2. Assemble a Screening Committee
    a. Hiring Manager is Committee Chair
    b. Minimum 3 member committee
    c. Department is responsible for scheduling interviews
  3. Position Advertisement
    a. Human Resources will advertise in any publications or websites you designate on Request to Recruit Form (See below for form)
    b. Automatically advertise in, Cal Poly Report, and CalJOBS
    c. Advertising cost and travel reimbursement are borne by the Recruiting Department
    d. Closing/Review Dates – Postings must be open a minimum of these time frames
    Exempt = 3 weeks
    Non-Exempt = 2 weeks
  4. Interview Questions
    a. All questions should comply with federal and state regulations which ensure diverse, inclusive, and fair hiring practices
    b. All questions should be job related
    c. Number of questions depending on length of scheduled interview
  5. Request to Recruit Form
    a. Complete Request to Recruit Form and route via Adobe Sign (Request to Recruit Form)
    b. Signatures needed in order
    Department Head
    Financial/Grant Analyst(Sponsored Programs)
    Human Resources Manager (Lauri Shiffrar)
    c. Set Recruiter (Juan Sanabria) as Acceptor

Instructions for screening applications, interviewing and selecting a successful candidate

  1. Screen applications. The Screening Committee Chair and its members will receive a username and password to view the applications 24/7 as well as instructions for navigating the Cal Poly Corporation Jobs website. Committee members will also be able to export results to an Excel spreadsheet which includes applicant names and type in reasons for non-selection.
  2. Submit list of applicants you wish to interview. Please submit this list to the Recruiter(Juan Sanabria) for approval BEFORE you schedule any interviews. Note: CPC strongly believes in promoting from within, therefore all regular CPC employees who meet the minimum requirements should be interviewed.
  3. Finalize the list of questions to ask applicants during the interview. Discuss with screening committee who will ask each question during the interview.
  4. Schedule interviews. Be sure to tell the applicant to purchase a daily parking permit. The Department may also purchase a Sponsored Guest permit for the applicant by submitting a request to the Visitor Information Center via email at [email protected] to be picked up at the kiosk on Grand Avenue. Contact Parking Services for assistance.
  5. Interview applicants. The department may schedule multiple levels of interviews as long as they are consistent for all candidates progressing to the next step. Some positions may require a final interview with the CEO.
  6. Create a log of applicants and type in remarks. Please refer to step 1 for spreadsheet.
  7. Select final candidate and contact at least three references. Complete the Reference Check Form and include them in the packet below. When checking references, we recommend that hiring managers contact previous supervisors.
  8. Complete the Recommendation for Employment Selection Form. Please ensure this form is signed and included in the packet below. It should not be sent without all elements of the Recommendation Packet outlined here. Approvers should review all elements of the packet before approving. Signatures needed in order (Recommendation for Employment Form)
    • Department Head
    • Sponsored Program Approval if applicable
    • Human Resources Manager (Lauri Shiffrar)
  9. Submit Recommendation Packet via Adobe Sign. Packet includes
    • Justification Memo with signature lines for required approvers – This department memo (not a form) is a narrative overview of the process and the documents enclosed in the Recommendation Packet for each approver’s knowledge. It should include general information about the posting, interviewing, and selection process, who was involved, and why the finalist was ultimately selected.
    • Recommendation for Employment Selection Form
    • Selected candidate’s application
    • Reference check documents (Reference Check Form)
    • Applicant Log Spreadsheet, listing all applicants and reasons for selection/non-selection
  10. Human Resources will review your recommendation and request additional information if needed

Keep in mind that any information related to the recruitment process must be kept confidential by all members of the screening committee. If you have any questions about the recruitment process, please contact Human Resources at extension 6-1121 or email [email protected].

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