Requisition/Purchase Order Quick Reference


Upon receipt by the Corporation Business Office, a requisition will be entered into the system and a purchase order will be mailed to the vendor (unless otherwise indicated on requisition form) and a copy will be sent to the requester. In case of a supplemental or a confirming order, the purchase order will not be mailed to the vendor and a copy will not be sent to the requestor unless specified on the requisition.

Once a requisition is completed, please forward the requisition to the appropriate Corporation contact for approval:

  • Sponsored Programs for org key range 45000-59999 and 82000-82990 (with the exception of 82890).
  • Conference Services for org key range 82890 and 83000-88999.
  • All other org key ranges forward to the Corporation Business Office. Please keep a copy for your records.

It takes an average of 2-3 working days to process a requisition if the requisition is complete.

Please read the full Purchasing Policy


Purchases are made based on requisition amount. If the amount is:

  • Purchases under $5,000.00 – quotes should be obtained by phone or in writing and be kept on file in the department. This information does not need to be submitted to the CPC Business Office.
  • Purchases between $5,000.00 – $25,000.00 – 3 quotes are required by phone or in writing. See the Requisition Phone Quote Worksheet. The information must be submitted with the requisition. If by phone, the name and phone number of the contact person should be provided.
  • Purchases over $25,000.00 – a formal bidding process is required and shall be based on written specifications and on a solicitation/award process which recognizes competitive price, responsiveness to specifications, and reputation of vendors. Such procedures are not applicable to merchandise for resale. Offers should generally be sought from three or more responsible vendors. If involving a Sponsored Programs account, requestors should contact the Sponsored Programs department.


  • Using Western State Contracting Alliance (WSCA) and Master Enabling Agreements (MEA). These contracts have been negotiated and the vendors agree to sell at the lowest possible price to the State or CPSU. Many, but not all, have extended the use of the contract to Auxiliaries. In those cases where the contracts have been extended to Cal Poly Corporation, we can use this in lieu of quotes and bidding. The MEA or WSCA number must be on the requisition, and if certain ordering requirements are to be done using certain websites, it will be the responsibility of the department to place that order and supply the information on the requisition. For additional information and assistance in determining if negotiated contracts can be used by the Corporation visit CalState and refer to sections Statewide Contract Store or CS&P System wide Bulletins for MEA contracts or WSCA contracts. In cases where we use these contracts, the requirement for 3 quotes for purchases between $5000-$24,999 does not apply.
  • Sole Source Purchases – On a purchase order that is non-competitive, a sole source justification will need to be submitted and approved by the Executive Director, Associate Executive Director or Chief Financial Officer. The justification should include the unique factors of the products specified, why they are required for the particular purchase and what other products have been evaluated or rejected and why.