The prevention of injuries and illnesses is vital to all Cal Poly Corporation operations. Our goal is to maintain a safe, hazard-free environment for employees, students, customers and guests – therefore safety is top-of-mind during all daily operations.

All department heads, managers and supervisors are directly responsible for the effective implementation of the Injury and Illness Prevention Program, and all corporation employees are responsible for abiding by safety rules and learning safe work practices.

This responsibility includes reporting any unsafe or hazardous conditions, and job-related injuries or illnesses to management as soon as possible.

The Injury and Illness Prevention Program provides an effective means for worker health protection and injury prevention and was set in place to assist management in identifying hazards that may exist in the workplace, correcting hazards that have been identified, and taking remedial actions to prevent them from recurring.

What do I do if a corporation employee is injured at work?

Download the reporting packet for complete instructions and required forms.




Report all work-related injuries to corporation HR
Jill Connelly
(805) 756-5580
Email Jill

Safety Programs and Manuals

Safety at the Corporation

CPC Safety Manual

Cal Poly Corporation's complete manual for safety, including emergency and hazard plans, reporting forms and procedures.
Size: 5.64 MB
Hits: 1538
Date modified: 05 - 21 - 2018

CPC Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Injury and Illness Prevention Program. (IIPP)
Size: 1.08 MB
Hits: 1842
Date modified: 05 - 21 - 2018

CPC Workers Comp – Reporting Packet

Complete packet for injury and worker's compensation reporting, including authorization forms for medical care.
Size: 749.41 KB
Hits: 2377
Date modified: 12 - 13 - 2019

Teleworking Self-Certification Safety Checklist

This checklist is designed to assess the overall safety of the proposed alternate worksite.
Size: 156.52 KB
Hits: 305
Date modified: 06 - 28 - 2021

Teleworker Agreement Director - Manager Checklist

This form must be filled by the manager or director as part of a teleworking agreement
Size: 219.10 KB
Hits: 341
Date modified: 06 - 28 - 2021

Teleworking Guidelines - Self-Assessment

This self-assessment can help determine telework compatibility for Cal Poly Corporation employees.
Size: 204.49 KB
Hits: 298
Date modified: 06 - 28 - 2021

CPC Health Questionaire

The purpose of this form was developed with criteria from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for you to self-observe your health prior to reporting to work each day.
Size: 224.41 KB
Hits: 260
Date modified: 06 - 28 - 2021

Teleworking Guidelines - Director-Manager Workplace Evaluation and Checklist

Size: 134.59 KB
Hits: 302
Date modified: 06 - 28 - 2021

Teleworker Agreement

Filled out by both the employee and manager, this form helps establish a successful telecommuting arrangement.
Size: 273.53 KB
Hits: 798
Date modified: 07 - 16 - 2021

Teleworking Guidelines

The Cal Poly Corporation allows employees to temporarily telecommute as a viable, flexible work option to ensure the health and safety of our employees.
Size: 238.24 KB
Hits: 1189
Date modified: 09 - 29 - 2021

Teleworking Guidelines - Technology Toolkit

This toolkit offers guidance on computer and equipment standards for telework
Size: 171.27 KB
Hits: 324
Date modified: 04 - 04 - 2022

CPSU Emergency Operations Plan

Cal Poly's complete operations plan for various emergency situations, prepared by Department of Emergency Management.
Size: 0.99 MB
Hits: 1694
Date modified: 05 - 21 - 2018

Cal Poly Violence Prevention in the Workplace Program

Cal Poly's commitment to maintaining a civil and non-violent working environment.
Size: N/A
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Date modified: 05 - 21 - 2018