Sole Source Justification Guidelines


Except where a purchase or contract is necessary for the immediate preservation of safety or the protection of CPC property and programs, a sole source purchase is permissible only when a determination has been made and approved in writing prior to any procurement, that only one source exists for the required product or service.

A requirement for a proprietary (or sole brand) item does not necessarily justify sole source procurement, as more than one potential bidder or supplier may exist who can supply that item.

Sole Source must be approved in advance, prior to any purchase and submitted with a requisition.

The sole source request must clearly demonstrate

  1. That there is only one source or only one supplier that can provide the goods or services in accordance with CPC Purchasing Policy.
  2. The existence of limited rights in data patent rights, copyrights, or secret processes makes the supplies or services available from only one source (however the mere existence of such rights or circumstances does not in and of itself justify sole source procurement).

Any addition of new work, that was not within the scope of or incidental to, the original contract scope of work, either as part of the base contract or as an option, is subject to sole source requirements.

The determination as to whether a purchase has been adequately justified in writing for a sole source award shall be made by the CPC Corporate Financial Officer (CFO) or their designated authority.

Sole Source

The CPC Sole Source Justification requirements follow the CPC Purchasing Policy and the California State University Policy Manual for Contracting and Procurement.

Purchase Justification form

All Sole Source requests must be filled out on the CPC Sole Source Purchase Justification form.