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The Online Resources library is a 24-hour support tool offering links to information, guidance and partner websites to quickly assist all faculty, staff and students working with Sponsored Programs.  

Cal Poly's Research & Ecomonic Development

The office of Research and Economic Development provides leadership and support to Cal Poly faculty and students in their research and creative efforts.

Cal Poly's Grants Development Office

Grants Development provides information, guidance and services to faculty, administrators, and senior staff engaged in externally funded research, curriculum development and community service projects.

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Corporation Resources

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Signature Authorization Form - 01/17

This form is for CPC Pay/KRONOS access.

03 - 09 - 2018 Download Now

Independent Contractor Agreement Template

This form is for independent contractors to complete before services commence.

04 - 24 - 2018 Download Now

Missing Receipt Form

This form is to be used when an invoice, receipt, or other supporting documentation is misplaced or not received.

04 - 23 - 2018 Download Now

Hospitality Justification Form

This form is required for hospitality-related expenses, including, but not limited to, hosting, food and beverages, gifts, and promotional items.

05 - 02 - 2018 Download Now

Stipend Scholarship Fellowship Guidance

This is a form and notice for potential tax liabilities

03 - 16 - 2018 Download Now

Protect Health Information Confidentiality Agreement

This agreement applies to all individuals who act on behalf of the Cal Poly Corporation who have access to Confidential Health Information and Confidential Employee and Business Information.

03 - 16 - 2018 Download Now

Personnel Activity Report

Fill out this form to report personnel activity.

03 - 16 - 2018 Download Now

OSPA Request for New Account 2016

This is the CPC other sponsored programs activity (OSPA) account agreement.

03 - 16 - 2018 Download Now

Cost Transfer Request Form Instructions

Instruction on the cost transfer request form instructions.

03 - 16 - 2018 Download Now

Cost Transfer Request Form

Form for cost transfer request

03 - 16 - 2018 Download Now

Cost Share Form 2018

Cost share/contribution form for sponsored programs.

03 - 16 - 2018 Download Now

BOE Access Request

This is the form for requesting BOE access

04 - 20 - 2018 Download Now

BiTech Users Guide if PIs

Step-by-step for BiTech users.

03 - 16 - 2018 Download Now