Time Card Quick Reference

  1. Time cards must be completed in ink and signed by employee and supervisor
  2. The Date as well as In/Out times must be completed for all students, intermittent, and non-exempt employees
  3. In/Out times should be rounded to the nearest 15 minute increment
  4. The dates listed on the time card must coincide with the Pay Period Dates (see Payroll Calendar for Pay Period Dates, the Payroll Calendar is available on the CPC Website)
  5. Do not combine multiple Pay Period Weeks on one time card. If dates were worked in more than one Pay Period, complete a separate time card for each Pay Period
  6. Complete Total Hours Worked Column in decimal form (i.e. 8 hours and 15 minutes = 8.25)
  7. If time card is not pre-printed, clearly Print Name and Social Security number on appropriate lines and complete Org Key/Object Code section
  8. Time card due dates are listed on the Payroll Calendar – Normally time cards are due by noon on Monday following the Pay Period End Date, exceptions due to holidays are noted on the Payroll Calendar



Once completed, deliver the completed timecard(s) to the Payroll Department located in the CPC Business Office Building 15.