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Studies, research and training beyond the campus are vital to student success and the university’s academic evolvement. This is where the Travel department comes in. We support this off-campus work by informing the traveler of the ins and outs of traveling for business and by ensuring compliance with both CSU policy and IRS regulations.


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Hospitality Matrix

This matrix outlines common types and allowable sources for payment of hospitality expenses.

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Hospitality Justification Form

This form is required for hospitality-related expenses, including, but not limited to, hosting, food and beverages, gifts, and promotional items.

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Hospitality Expenses Policy for Payment Reimbursement

This is the procedure guidelines and business process guide for Cal Poly's hospitality policies. This is to be followed for all hospitality expenses.

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Cal Poly Corporation Fund Expenditure Guidelines

These management guidelines implement Corporation Board Policy Statements No. 106, Source and Use of Public Relations Funds; No.111, Purchasing Policy; and No. 112, Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy.

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Vehicle Rentals

Information about renting a car or other vehicle for Corporation business travel, plus insurance information.

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Travel Guidelines

Official Corporation policy for business travel. Read this document first.

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Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy

Official Corporation policy on travel reimbursement.

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Defer to these guidelines if you plan on using you P-Card to pay for your travel expenses.

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Estimate of Travel Expenses

Use this form prior to traveling on behalf of the Corporation.

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Domestic Travel Insurance Requirements

This flow chart determines how you are covered by insurance, based on who you work for and how you are traveling.

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